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[2022-01-06] TYPING
Chandan : Respected Sir, How can I type lipighor fonts through Soumili Bangla SK2 layout.
Chandan : লিপিঘরের ফন্ট গুলো কিভাবে ব্যবহার করবো?
[2021-05-07] seedr
Soumili : seedr
[2020-03-29] activations
Amit : activation can not success my seat is 0
Sahidul Islam : Re Activated the due to OS Change Win 10 to Win7. My left 1 user shows 0 and shows I have activated a new machine. Plz Solve the matter
Sahidul Islam : Re Activated the due to OS Change Win 10 to Win7. My left 1 user shows 0 and shows I have activated a new machine. Plz Solve the matter
Sahidul Islam : Re Activated the due to OS Change Win 10 to Win7. My left 1 user shows 0 and shows I have activated a new machine. Plz Solve the matter
[2017-08-19] ms word e problem
sankhapriya : ms word e toptype key board (soumili bangla sk2) te type korar somay anuser word jeta shift+3 te pore asche na. please help.
Sougata Sundar : Please off smart quote for MS Word and follow user guide video.
[2017-08-19] sumit atm font
sankhapriya : ae software ta valo, kinto page maker 7, corel dr x8, x6, x5, x4, x3, 12 r 11 e j sob file stm software deya sumit atm font e type kora article ache segulo correction kora jacche na. kindly help. school er boi sob change kora jabe na, oe font ke babohar korte parbo??
Sougata Sundar : Just use Toptype keyboard for soumili. All edit possible.
[2015-03-16] Soumili Assamese kk keyboard instal
Subodh : can i instal Soumili Assamese kk keyboard driver in Soumilitrial ver. I want to trial testing assamese writing. If it is suitable for assamese writing i will buy soumili.
Soumili : Not possible to install any other keyboard in to soumili bangla trial. look your keyboard at product section.
Soumen : How can i type in page maker
Soumili : Choose Soumili Bengali Fonts and select bengali keyboard from soumili keyboard list in system tray. Not possible for unicode
[2014-08-28] Cannot install NP fonts in windows 7
Atanu : I am a new user... When I am trying to install NP bengali and Assamese fonts in windows 7, it says please install associate pfm file... But i select both pfb and pfm file.... Please can someone tell me how to install pfm and pfb file in windows 7 or 8. There is no problem in unicode fonts...
Atanu : আমার খুব প্রয়োজন !!!! যদি কেউ সাহায্য করেন, তাহলে খুব উপকার হয়.......
Sougata Sundar : For installing NP fonts do this steps. 1) store NP font folder in any hard disk drive, 2) list contain fonts by type, all pfb and pfm will be seperate, 3) select all pfm files [ icon likes caps A], 4) mouse right click and install.
Sougata Sundar : pfb এবং pfm file একসঙ্গে রেখে pfm file install করলেই ফন্ট ইনস্টল হবে৷ pfm file-এর উপর মাউসের right ক্লিক করলে install option আসবে৷
[2014-05-24] Bengali Fonts SoumiliNT-08 Missing
[2013-07-25] ফন্ট ব্যবহার করতে পারছিনা....
Ratul : Soumili website theke download kora (1.Soumili_NP_fonts , 2. Soumili_NT_Fonts ) Fonts duti সৌমিলি বাংলা ইউনিকোড-এ ke vabe use korbo bujhte parche na.Font gulo install korleo সৌমিলি বাংলা ইউনিকোড-এ sudhu matro by default 2to font e dekhache..r onno font dekhache na..দয়া করে সাহায্য করুন৷
Subrata : Soumili_NP_Font & Soumili_NT_Font konotai Unicode Font noy. Font duti kebolmatra Soumili Professional Typing er janya
Subrata : Soumili Unicode er janya jekono Unicode Font use korte hobe.
Mrinal : as soon as possible
bilas : Bishnu kivabe likhbo?
[2013-07-01] How get Soumili Bangla Serial
Sougata Sundar : Soumili Bangla Pro is Paid software, when you buy Soumili Bangla Pro you will get activation Code. This Activation Code is work for your computer any time, though you format your computer.
KUDDUS : how get soumili bangla serial
Soumili : After buying you will get activation code, no need serial
[2013-07-01] How Active Soumili Bangla Pro.
Sougata Sundar : When you get Soumili Bangla Pro Activation code, then do (1) install Soumili Bangla Pro, (2) Run Soumili Licence form desktop, (3) Click on - Enter Serial {No need to post serial}, (4) Goto Manual Activation, (5) Open Activation file and copy all code to clipboard, (6) Click on Copy form Clipboard.
[2013-05-21] How download Soumili Unicode
Sougata Sundar : Register your email and after email verification Login here. Goto download page and download Soumili Unicode.
[2013-05-20] Verious type of Bengali Fonts
Debasis : it's a treasury of Bengali fonts
debnarayan : বশে তো চলছে‍
SANJIT : I am using SKP Bangla SK. Kintu ekhane type korte gele bangla hossou likhte parchhina. on screen keyboard e dekhachche shift-e kintu porchhe jukto ka. amar samit toptype layout e 1-er bam diker key ta te chhilo. kibhabe hobe bolben
SANJIT : problem solved I have installed Soumili SK2 keyboard and it is working rightly. Very good software. And support is very good, But Just tell me how can I type Bengali Samsad letter style. That is mainly in juktakshar?
[2013-05-17] Free Bengali Typing Software
Sougata Sundar : Type Bengali directly any place.
Subrata : Write freely in Bengali with Soumili Unicode.
Debasis : Incredible
Santu : very interesting. I am happy...
Pritam : matra dite parchi na,please help.......
Soumili : no matra available in unicode fonts
[2013-05-15] How good Soumili Bangla
: This is very good application
Debdulal : Very interesting.
Subrata : A first-rated Bengali Typing Software. No alternative till now.
Arijit : I am quite satisfied with it.
Prabin : licence no place
Indrojit : সৌমিলি বাংলা সফটয়্যারটির কি বোর্ডের লে আউট কি অভ্র কি বোর্ডের মতো ?
Salim : দাদা আমাকে একটু হেল্প করনে পিল্জ
Aninda : What is serial no does not exit
[2013-05-14] How feel using Soumili Bangla.
Debasis : I am new learner. This software very helpful to me, and guide how you learned Bengali very quickly.Because it's typing system is very scientifically .
Subrata : I am happy with this application
Anil : We are very happy to using \'Soumili Bangla\' Software. There are various Style of Fonts. Works in All Windows. Most valuable software for Professional Users. ANIL BARUAH Assam
Khalilur Rahman : LICENCE KEY KIVABE PABO...?

Click Soumili Keyboard Layout Software to purchase license online.

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