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soumili Keyboard

Soumili Keyboard
soumili Keyboard

Soumili TouchKey
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After payment Download for Soumili Bangla Pro

1. Soumili Bangla Pro - Package (Keyboard no limit)

2. Bengali and Assamese NT Fonts (75 fonts set)

3. Bengali and Assamese NP Fonts (75 fonts set) :

4. Install Soumili Bangla Pro

5. Install Fonts as you like

6. Follow Activation Process

Anannaya Shukti
Anannya Shukti
Online Bengali Magazine
Published from Sundarban
Soumili Bengali Typing Software : Best Price

Soumili Keyboard Pro Basic Price ₹ 3000/- (Rupees three thousand) only for single user.

Offer Price may be differ.

Pay one time for one computer. When you buy one activation code of Soumili Bangla Pro for one computer, this code work on you computer as long as your processor life. So we say pay one time for life. No additional payment or hidden charge require for Reinstall or Upgradation of Software.

You will get freedom to use all update availabe in our site. No charge needed for any other keyboard layouts which we develop in future.

If you buy multiple activation code at a time the charge will be reduce.

All payment in india through self Bank Diposit.

All payment of outside of india is through Paypal.

Click Soumili Keyboard Layout Software to purchase license online.

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