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After payment Download for Soumili Bangla Pro

1. Soumili Bangla Pro - Package (Keyboard no limit)

2. Bengali and Assamese NT Fonts (75 fonts set)

3. Bengali and Assamese NP Fonts (75 fonts set) :

4. Install Soumili Bangla Pro

5. Install Fonts as you like

6. Follow Activation Process

Anannaya Shukti
Anannya Shukti
Online Bengali Magazine
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Soumili Bangla : Fonts Variation
A. We provide 75 numbers of valuable commercial fonts

Soumili Bangla use more than 75 valuable commercial ANSI fonts with wide range of combined character. All Fonts are sets of 4 fonts file i.e.

  • Normal
  • Italic
  • Bold
  • italic-Bold
  • . So you get actual Print.

    B. Fonts system is Postcript(PS) and True Type (TT)

    It has two type fonts one is [1] Postscript (PS) and another is [2] True Type (TT). All fonts name is arranged by sequence number. Same number fonts for PS and TT are same style. So, it is easy to remember fonts style for your ready use.

    C. Postcript(PS) fonts good for DTP.
    soumili NT fonts

    Generaly PS fonts used for DTP, Book Compose in Pagemaker or MS-Office. It is good for screen view when you typing. Give high quality of printing in Postscript Printer.

    Postscript fonts does not support Photoshop as well as all higher Adobe Application.

    D. True Type (TT) fonts good for Higher Version Application.
    soumili NT fonts

    Higher version designing or editing application line Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Indesign etc. have same problem, this application not support postscript fonts. So, for this application solution is True Type fonts (TT). You can use True Type fonts for Photoshop as well as higher Adobe applicateion. Same number fonts have same style as PS fonts.

    E. View fonts Catalog.
    soumili Font Catalog soumili Font Catalog soumili Font Catalog

    All fonts are PDF comportable. Download Fonts Catalog.

    Special fonts for Weeding Card. View weeding card sample.

    Click Soumili Keyboard Layout Software to purchase license online.

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