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soumili Keyboard

Soumili Keyboard
soumili Keyboard

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After payment Download for Soumili Bangla Pro

1. Soumili Bangla Pro - Package (Keyboard no limit)

2. Bengali and Assamese NT Fonts (75 fonts set)

3. Bengali and Assamese NP Fonts (75 fonts set) :

4. Install Soumili Bangla Pro

5. Install Fonts as you like

6. Follow Activation Process

Anannaya Shukti
Anannya Shukti
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Published from Sundarban
Advantage of Soumili Bengali Typing Software

Soumili Bangla Programmed for new generation user as well as advanced user. All types of creative index incurd here.

1. Online based support

Totally Online base support included here. Downloading, Contacting, Activation available in this site i.e. world wide. So, distance or country no matter, Soumili Software Available every where.

All necessary files and updates can easily get from this site.

N.B.- Phone contact also available.

2. Higher Configuration and Application

Soumili Application run comfortable in all higher configuration of PC like i3, i5, i7 which minimum OS is Windows 7 or Windows 8 and also 64 bit. As well as run on lower configuration PC with minimum OS Windows XP 32 bit.

Soumili Application Support all higher version application like Photoshop PS4/ PS5/ PS6, CorelDraw X4/ X5/ X6, Indesign PS4/ PS5/ PS6,Premiere PS4/ PS5/ PS6. As well as support lower version application like Photoshop 7, Page Maker 7.

3. Power Script

Soumili Bangla Keyboard Layout programmed with Power Script which not only apear bengali character and also protect mistyping, wrong typing and maintain punctuation. It will apear which user required. Know more...

4. It is very small software which does not reduce you PC speed. Any time you can install/deinatall this software without affecting you PC.

5. Once you get this application it will never expire. You can update this software what ever it released new version.

6. Soumili Unicode absolutely free for personal use. No need to buy similar type software. Use Soumili Unicode any number computer as you wish.

7. Once you buy Soumili Bangla Pro, you will get activation code for you PC, it will never expire for you PC. You can Upgrade, Format your PC as your required, activation code is same except you Processor and PC Name change.

Click Soumili Keyboard Layout Software to purchase license online.

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